Gary Welton’s Inspiration for the New Year

November 12, 2018
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Though the new year has just begun, the first months have already shown to be an inspirational and productive period for contemporary artist Gary Welton, famous for his abstract depictions of movement. With a new larger studio, Welton has reconnected with his artwork of the past, and applied the inspiration to many new multi-media works.Gary explains the freshness of his latest studio: “It’s efficient. Unlike my previous studio, I now have fantastic views of the adjacent river as well as the downtown skyline. It is stimulating to be so close to nature; it’s more elemental.”He has been reflecting on the silk paintings he completed years ago that now decorate his new studio. He has gained insight for new silk pieces with a twist.“I’ve been reviving a fifteen-year old interest in silk and its unique luminosity,” quotes Welton. Tastefully combining metallics, silks from India, and thick glossy lamination, his new artworks on silk are eye catching and dazzling, continuing the imagery of movement.Welton has been experimenting with collaging vintage illustrations of music and stage directions created for ballet performances. These rare illustrations are a notation of the dancer’s positions on stage from a bird’s eye view, or a frontal view of dancer, timed to the musical score. Welton combines these handwritten documents with his masterful personification of the female form to bring a new perspective to the art connoisseur, dance enthusiast and music experts alike.Welton feels a particular connection to these notations, as they are the role reason why one can attend a ballet today and see the exact same classical performance that was presented two hundred years ago.Gary’s live painting performances hosted by Erin Taylor Editions at Camelot’s annual Fly-in event series are a unique opportunity for the artist to collaborate with a talented ballet dancer. Before their eyes, the guest are enchanted as the dancer’s movements are translated to canvas, creating a beautiful moment among many during the “weekend to remember.”Welton is diligently preparing new artworks for the 2015 summer Fly-in events: we are going to have another summer even more special than before. The events are about sharing and creating special memories”.While embracing his investigation of history, Welton looks forward with eagerness: “I’m really excited to be in the midst of a continuous exploration of movement and the unfolding of the basic elements within nature. It is inspiring a whole new realm of work for me. I can’t wait to share more of what the year will unfold for my collectors and for me.”‍