ERIN TAYLOR EDITIONS was founded in 1984 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and began doing business as MARESA EDITIONS.
Bill Mack had been working professionally as a commissioned artist since graduating from college. In
the mid-1980s, he met art dealer, Barry Molinar. When Molinar learned that Bill Mack was working
in the rarest of all art forms, relief sculpture, he quickly realized there was an opportunity for both
parties to explore the potential for Mack to offer his works in art galleries. Mack also felt it was time
to enter the art gallery world, and quickly agreed to move forward  

MARESA EDITIONS, named after Barry Molinar’s wife, was selected as the original name for the
publishing company. While Mack was the owner of the publishing company, the name and image of
the Molinars as the publishers was preferable to Mack since he didn’t want it to appear he was his
own publisher and have to deal with all the issues associated with that business.
They quickly determined they needed to expose Mack’s unique works nationally and chose the New
York Art Expo as the ideal venue to accomplish their goal. It was decided that Mack would create ten
reliefs to premier at the 1984 New York Art Expo.
Mack’s model for the each of the original female images in the collection was his wife, Deborah who
has remained his muse and partner throughout his career.

Mack had extensive knowledge in working with resins and other materials to accomplish many of the
artworks he produced during his time as a commissioned artist. He used this background to create a
material he called BONDED SAND for the initial offering of his work in New York. Bonded Sand has
the luxurious appearance of white cast paper that had been commonly used by other artists at the
time. However, Mack’s material was made from a mixture of resin and sand and fiber that is
considerably stronger and more permanent than cast paper, while remaining light enough to hang his
large artworks on walls in homes and offices.
Mack and Molinar traveled to New York to meet the Art Expo staff and selected a large 500 square-
foot space to premiere Mack’s artwork. Additionally, they collaborated on the publishing of the first
Bill Mack book which was also premiered at the show.

Their efforts led to immediate success. They met with the representatives of numerous art galleries
and agreed to show Mack’s artwork in locations from Beverly Hills to Maui, and Las Vegas to New
York. They followed up with in person presentations to the gallery staff and arranged one-man
shows in each of the new locations and were sold out in virtually all locations.

Maresa Editions was renamed Erin Taylor Editions shortly after the Molinars retired from the art
publishing business. The new company name was selected using Bill Mack’s son and daughter’s
middle names…Lindsey Erin and Ryan Taylor.

For four decades Mack has continued to work in his unique art-form. He claims to have produced
and sold through Erin Taylor Editions more relief artworks than any other artist, anywhere.

Mack has always been an accomplished draftsman, creating drawing and paintings as studies for his
reliefs and full-round sculptures. Recently Mack has supplemented his reliefs with a large collection
of drawings and paintings (see “Hollywood Sign”) which are also published by Erin Taylor Editions.

He continues to enjoy all facets of his work with Erin Taylor Editions, and looks forward to creating
new artworks for years to come.